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We, at Hopofly, make quality artisans crafted handbags for lifestyle. We thoughtfully design fashion accessories in partnership with our artisans.


Hopofly is excited to unveil our new range. Designed for the fusion feminist this collection with hand embroidery is set to capture the heart of the woman who wants to feel feminine, whilst making a bold statement.

Hand Embroidery is the art of decorative stitching on fabric with needle and thread. Hand embroidery is basically embellishing on the cloth with colorful threads and beautiful beads from local women artist.


Featured collection

  • The minimalistic design allows the millennial in you to travel anywhere without any hassles. This versatile bag from Hopofly is handcrafted with Fabric and Leather.

  • Made from Fabric, up cycled Canvas and Leather, these bags are capacious, reliable and practical in every way.

  • Crafted from a premium quality Fabric, this messenger bag flaunts a solid pattern and is not one to be

"Let’s weave a dream wherein every skill has a respect and every mind is creatively active”